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  1. 2009.07.15 ER/Studio 8.0 New Features Guide
2009. 7. 15. 15:17
ER/Studio 8.0에 새로 추가된 기능 리스트 문서가 있어 링크합니다.

ER/Studio 8.0 New Features Guide


Visual Data Lineage

Attribute-level Submodeling

LDAP and Active Directory Integration

Object-level Compare Flags

Wizard and Editor Improvements
- User-Defined Mapping Supports Definitions and Attachments
- Infer Foreign Keys when Declared Referential Integrity (RI) Dependencies Exist

User Interface Improvements
- Apply Color and Font Changes to Selected Objects
- Display Attributes and Column Names
- Search Through Attachments and Data Security Objects

SQL Server 2008 Support
- Datatype Support Expanded to Include Hierarchy ID
- Date and time datatypes
- Table Editor Supports Sparse Columns Datatype

Sybase IQ Support
- Sybase IQ Index Types

General SQL Server Updates
- Supports INCLUDE Index Property

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